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Steamboat Springs Middle School Transition Tips

Steamboat Springs Middle School Transition Tips

Welcome to Middle School! 

If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at 879-1058.  


  • The administration, office and staff are committed to keeping students and parents updated in a variety of ways.  Email is our primary source of communication.  Please log into Alma Start (the new student information system) to create your account and update your student’s information so we have current information on file.

  • Daily Student Announcements are made over the PA system in the mornings, posted on the office counter and found on the Middle School website and on TV monitors throughout the school. 

  • Parent updates are sent on Fridays to all parents with a listed email address and posted on the Middle School website.


The attendance secretary can be reached at 871-3501.  A phone call, email or written note from the parent/guardian is necessary for the following attendance issues:

  • If your student will be absent or tardy, call by 9:30am to report the absence or tardy.  When tardy students arrive, they must check in the office for a tardy pass to get into class.

  • If there is an adjustment in your student’s schedule due to an appointment, travel, etc. send a note with your student, call or email first thing in the morning to come into the office to obtain a “Permit to Leave” pass.

  • When a student returns from an appointment, they need to check in with the office to obtain an “Admit Slip” to get back into their class.

Student Fees

For the 2023-2024 school year, there are no required student fees, only optional fees (classroom supplies - $20 and yearbook - $30). Throughout the year if your student participates in an extra activity, you will be assigned a required fee for that specific activity.  If you have any questions regarding this, please contact Val Dietrich at 970-871-3598. Fees can also be paid online through Parent Portal.  Go to the following link for instructions: Instructions for Paying Fees Online

Cell Phone/Mobile Device Policy

Phones are intended for positive communication.  Cell phones must be powered down and stored out of sight during school hours.  Phones are allowed to be used before 8:20 am  and after 3:25 pm.  Cell phone use during the school day may result in the loss of the phone and may be required to be picked up by a parent.  Students that are ill, must call home through the health office. 

A courtesy phone is available in the office for students to use during breaks between classes and during lunch.  

General Information

  • For safety purposes, all visitors to the middle school MUST check in with the office.

  • Messages and deliveries to students should be left in the office to be delivered by the office staff or volunteers.  Messages to students must be received by 2:45 pm for the office staff to deliver to the student.  It is important to limit messages to students to avoid classroom interruptions.

  • Appointments with teachers are to be set up in advance by contracting the teacher via voicemail or email.

  • Parent volunteers are welcome!  Please call the office to set up a weekly schedule to volunteer or to be added to our volunteer project list.

  • Have your student email their teachers to get missing work if your child is absent.