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SSSD and SSEA Forge Over $3 Million Pact for Teacher and Staff Pay Boost

SSSD and SSEA Forge Over $3 Million Pact for Teacher and Staff Pay Boost


The Steamboat Springs School District (SSSD) and the Steamboat Springs Education Association (SSEA) have agreed to invest more than $3 million to significantly increase the pay of certified and classified staff starting in the 2024-2025 school year.

The baseline pay for a new, certified staff with a bachelor's degree will be $53,500. This is accomplished by adding $4,750 to the base salary schedule. A “step” or added year of experience was also negotiated, which is an additional 2.4% increase for current certified staff. Therefore, current certified staff will receive an increase in salary ranging from 9.4% - 15.3%. The range in percentage increase is based on placement in the salary schedule. You can find the current salary schedules on our website

Additionally, a one-time $3,000 stipend will be given to occupational therapists, speech-language pathologists, and school psychologists. 

certified salary schedule


Returning classified staff will receive a $4 increase to their wages, bringing the lowest-paid current hourly employee to $24. Therefore, current classified staff will receive an increase in wages ranging from 9.1 %- 18.5%. The new classified wage schedule is below.


classified salary schedule


For example, a returning paraprofessional who has worked for the district for one year will see an hourly wage increase from $21.61 to $25.61, giving an 18.5% increase in wages.

"A competitive wage that reflects the rising costs of living in our valley is vital to supporting our teachers and staff,” said Dr. Celine Wicks, Superintendent. “Fortunately, due to an augmentation in state funds, our judicious use of fund balance dollars, and SSEA’s persistent focus on reducing the Budget Stabilization factor at the state level, we seized the opportunity to substantially boost wages. We are delighted to reach this advantageous agreement, which will greatly benefit our dedicated teachers and staff.” 

On Tuesday, May 14, at 3:45 PM, SSEA and SSSD leadership will host a virtual meeting to present the agreement to SSSD staff. SSSD staff must approve the package, which will then go to the SSSD Board of Education for approval.